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The original and award-winning Hybrid Garment Duffel Bag, designed with passion by frequent travelers. The PackPro™ offers ample space and effortless storage, ensuring wrinkle-free clothing on any occasion. From holidays to work trips, never worry about not having an iron on hand because with the PackPro™ you’ll never need it.

How it Works

The PackPro™ offers ample space for all your essentials, plus the magic of folding down for easy storage.

This can be used as a great travel bag for special occasions such as a holidays, weddings, or any occasion you may be taking your best outfits along with you where you don't want them to get wrinkled. 

- Spend less time packing and more time enjoying your trip.

- Travel light and leave the heavy lifting behind.

- Avoid extra luggage fees with the the PackPro™ as a long-term solution.


Weight: 1kg
Dimension: 33*52*13cm
Materials: High-fiber PU leather and Nylon (Waterproof)

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Simplify Your Journey With Effortless Packing

Designed for all forms of travel, the PackPro effortlessly combines luxury with functionality. The built in water-resistant garment bag ensures that your clothes arrive as pristine & wrinkle-free as when you packed them.  

  • Jeremy P

    "It fits so many of my clothes and the garment section keeps my clothes wrinkle free which is so useful. The complimentary shoe cover is also a nice touch to separate dirt from your shoes and clothes." 

  • Amy W

    "It fits everything I need for a weekend trip effortlessly. Plus, the wrinkle-free garment bag keeps my clothes looking fresh. I love its versatility!" 

  • Ryan G

    "It's spacious enough for all my essentials and the extra pockets are a bonus. Perfect for any occasion, and the TSA-friendly design is a game-changer." 

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Maximize Space, Minimize Stress & Fees

PackPro’s innovative design elevates your travel, allowing you to carry up to 1.85 times more than conventional travel bags of the same size. Organize your essentials with the dedicated garment section, the spacious duffel compartment, and both interior & exterior pockets. Its sleek and compact design not only maximizes space to make packing more efficient but can also help you save on extra baggage fees at the airport. 

Unparalleled Quality For Your Journeys

Crafted from premium PU leather and robust zippers, the PackPro stands as a testament to luxury and durability. An impeccable choice for both everyday excursions and extended voyages, it is a modern companion through all of life's journeys.

Flat-Out Genius

When the adventure wraps up, the PackPro's ingenious design allows it to zip and fold flat, effortlessly stowing away until your next trip while saving precious closet space in between. 

Unmatched Craftmanship & Quality

PackPro has become a viral icon for travel bags which unfortunately has sparked a wave of low-quality imitations. PackPro is only available through Rhykin & not sold elsewhere. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it weigh & what are the dimensions?

The bag is lightweight yet spacious, weighing in at just 1kg. The dimensions are 33cm × 52cm x 13cm, making it a convenient size for various travel needs.

What is it made out of?

The bag is made out of super high-fiber PU leather. This is a form of vegan leather that it both sustainable and climate friendly.

Is it water-resistant?

Yes, it's crafted with a water-resistant nylon-surfaced material, ensuring your belongings stay dry and protected against rain or accidental spills.

Will it last and is it durable?

Absolutely! PackPro has been designed with longevity in mind. We've chosen durable, high-quality PU leather over cheaper alternatives. Our bags are built to endure years of travel, resisting the wear and tear from frequent handling, especially during airplane or luggage transfers.

Can I take it on a flight?

Absolutely! The Pack Pro meets carry-on luggage standards worldwide, including compliance such as:
- Transportation Security Administration (US' TSA)
- UK's Civil Aviation Authority (CAA)
- Australia's Office of Transport Security (OTS)
- Air Transport Security Authority (ATSA)
Canada's Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA)
These are just to name a few and it's suitable for flights in most countries.